Laura Cowell

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Laura Cowell is an award-winning leader, recognised for her extensive experience and impactful contributions in the Corporate, Government and non-profit sectors.


As a CEO of a disability organisation and a prominent Community leader, Laura is known for her strategic & compassionate leadership which she leverages to achieve exceptional results and community impact. 

Leadership &
Civic Engagement

Elected to the Sutherland Shire Council at the end of 2021, Laura is deeply committed to ensuring that our community remains connected and safe, enabling residents of all ages to maintain active lifestyles. Her leadership is characterised by a collaborative approach, focusing on building high-performance teams and creating strategies that drive revenue and growth. Laura’s commitment to fostering positive, transparent relationships is evident in her role as a mentor and coach to her colleagues and partners.

Laura holds several key positions across various boards and committees, reflecting her dedication to civic service and community engagement:

  • CEO, Tender Loving Care
  • President, Sutherland Shire Football Association
  • Director, Fibrous Dysplasia/McCune Albright Syndrome Australia Ltd.
  • Board Director, Genetic Alliance Australia &  Community Minds
  • Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO) Trainer, Office of Sports
  • Councillor, Sutherland Shire Council
  • Committee Roles:

    • Deputy Chairperson of Shire Services and Environment & Sustainability
    • Chairperson of Sport & Active Communities
    • Member of Shire Strategic Planning, Shire Infrastructure, Corporate Governance, Australia Day & Events, Community Grants & Sustainability, Lucas Heights Community Reference Group, and Sutherland Shire Crime Prevention Community Safety Precinct.


Empowering Communities Through Volunteerism

Laura’s volunteer work is just as extensive, including roles as (first female) President of Sutherland Shire Football Association, 2SSR Radio Presenter, previously Menai Hawks FC, Minerva School, Cafe Y, and Loftus Cricket Club, where she contributed as Member Protection Information Officer, Mini Hawks CoOrdinator, Team Manager, Fundraiser & Marketing Support, and general volunteer. 

Driving Change Through Advocacy and Leadership

Laura Cowell is dedicated to eliminating barriers and promoting inclusivity through her diverse roles. As a speaker, writer, and the host of “Amplify with Laura Cowell,” she focuses on raising awareness about key issues affecting the disability community. In her role as CEO, Laura actively works to remove exclusion in all forms. Her roles as a volunteer, Councillor, and director at organisations like Genetic Alliance Australia and Fibrous Dysplasia McCune-Albright Syndrome allow her to influence broader societal changes. In her capacity as a trainer and chair of Sport & Active Communities, Laura is committed to making sports more accessible to everyone. Through her advocacy and leadership, Laura is driving positive change at a systemic level.

Authentic Leadership Balancing Personal Passions and Professional Committments

Outside of her professional endeavours, Laura is a devoted mother, grandmother, and wife who enjoys sports, traveling, reading, and spending quality time with her family. Her holistic approach to leadership and community service makes her a respected and influential figure in both her professional and personal life. Laura continually strives to enhance the well-being and opportunities within her community, bringing her authentic self to every aspect of her life.

Leading with Kindness

Laura Cowell embodies the power of leading with kindness in every role she undertakes. As a CEO, speaker, radio presenter, and community leader, her approach is consistently grounded in empathy and inclusivity. Laura champions initiatives that ensure all voices are heard and valued, from the local community to the broader societal level. Her work in various director roles and her advocacy in the disability sector exemplify her commitment to fairness and equality. By focusing on the power of kind leadership, Laura inspires others to join her in breaking down social barriers and promoting a culture of understanding and respect. Her belief in the positive impact of kindness drives her efforts to cultivate an environment where diversity is celebrated, and every individual has the opportunity to succeed. Laura’s leadership not only elevates the communities she serves but also sets a standard for how kindness can lead to more just and equitable outcomes for everyone.


To create a positive impact on individuals and communities


Empowering communities and individuals through purpose-driven actions



Unafraid to tackle challenges head-on and push boundaries with unwavering determination and tenacity.


Championing the belief that everyone has the potential to achieve greatness, constantly uplifting and enabling others to reach their full potential.

Positive Impactful

Striving to create a positive impact on individuals and communities alike, through the power of empathy and thoughtful consideration in action.

Kindness and Caring

Embodying strength, founded in strength rooted in kindness and caring, continuously showing compassion and care to everyone.


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