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Elevate your event with Laura Cowell, a seasoned speaker, master of ceremonies, and facilitator renowned for her inspiring presence and insightful presentations.

Laura has a range of offerings tailored to enrich your conference, seminar, or gathering.

Whether you are looking to inspire, educate, or entertain, Laura’s expertise and passionate delivery will make your event unforgettable. 

Engage with Laura today to bring excellence to your next event.

Keynote Speaking

Laura delivers compelling speeches on topics like leadership, inclusivity, choices and community impact, infused with her rich experiences and personal anecdotes that resonate and inspire.

Master of Ceremonies

With Laura as your MC, expect an event that flows seamlessly with professionalism and warmth. Her ability to connect with audiences ensures a memorable and engaging experience for all attendees.

Panel Discussions

Engage Laura as a panelist or moderator for your next panel discussion. With her depth of knowledge and articulate speaking, she brings valuable perspectives to any conversation.

Corporate Training

Laura offers bespoke corporate training programs designed to boost your team’s capabilities in areas such as effective communication, diversity and inclusion, and strategic leadership. Enhance your team’s performance and cohesion with tailored training that meet your specific needs.

Guest Lecturing

Invite Laura to share her wealth of knowledge as a guest lecturer. Ideal for academic settings or corporate learning environments, her lectures provide deep insights into topics like community leadership, strategic planning, and the importance of inclusivity in professional settings.

& Virtual Events

Join Laura for enlightening webinars and virtual events that connect audiences from around the globe. From expert talks to interactive sessions, Laura delivers compelling content that educates and inspires, all accessible from the comfort of your home or office.

Enhanced Leadership

Participants will gain insights and practical tools to enhance their leadership capabilities. Laura's extensive experience in strategic leadership and community engagement helps attendees develop a more compassionate, inclusive, and effective leadership style.

Increased Knowledge

Laura brings a wealth of knowledge on topics such as inclusivity, community building, and strategic planning. Her presentations and workshops are designed to not only inform but also inspire attendees to apply what they’ve learned to make a positive impact in their own spheres of influence.

Improved Culture

Laura's emphasis on removing exclusion and adding kindness helps organisations build a more supportive and collaborative work environment. Her sessions often foster a deeper understanding of diversity and inclusion, which can lead to more equitable and enjoyable workplaces.

Ask Laura Anything

Laura offers a variety of services including keynote speaking, serving as a Master of Ceremonies, Webinars & Virtual events.  She also participates in panel discussions, corporate training, and guest lecturing

To book Laura for an event, please visit her Contact Laura page where you can fill out a contact form with the details of your event. She will respond promptly to discuss your needs and how she can best serve your audience.


Laura speaks on a range of topics including leadership, choices, community engagement, diversity and inclusion, strategic planning, and empowerment. She tailors her speeches to suit the audience and the specific needs of your event.

Yes, Laura is deeply committed to supporting non-profit organisations and offers special arrangements for non-profit events. Please contact her to discuss how she can contribute to your organisation’s goals.

Absolutely. Laura customises her training to meet the specific objectives and challenges of your organisation. Each session is designed to maximise engagement and actionable outcomes.

Laura’s keynote speeches typically range from 30 to 60 minutes, but can be adjusted to accommodate the schedule and format of your event.

Yes, Laura is available for virtual events and has extensive experience delivering engaging and impactful presentations online. She uses interactive elements and high-quality content to ensure a great experience for all virtual attendees.

Laura is based in Sydney, Australia, but her services are available globally. She frequently travels for in-person events and is also equipped to deliver high-quality virtual presentations to international audiences. Whether your event is local, national, or international, Laura can accommodate your needs.

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I am always eager to hear from individuals, organisations, and anyone interested in making a positive impact. Whether you’re looking for a speaker to inspire your at event, need guidance on community, or simply want to share your thoughts, I’m here to listen and engage. Reaching out to connect can be the first step towards meaningful change, and I value every opportunity to discuss new ideas and collaborate on impactful projects. Start a conversation that could lead to something great. 

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