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Council Speeches

Council Meeting 16/07/2024

We had a full agenda at our second last Council meeting for this term. I’ve picked three highlights to recap for you all below. Motion Continued Presence of Tower Crane at 191 Fowler Road, Illawong The community in and around the crane at Illawong have raised multiple concerns about this crane, specifically regarding its structural


Navigating the “Bubbles” Staying Grounded Amidst Diverse Roles

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to find oneself caught in various “bubbles” — distinct spheres of influence and interest that can sometimes seem worlds apart. Whether it’s politics, work, community involvement, or personal passions, balancing these aspects while staying true to oneself can be a significant challenge. As someone who wears many hats, I’ve


Amplify with Laura Cowell – Showcasing the Inspiring Journey and Music of TJ James

Last night’s episode 27th June 2024 of “Amplify with Laura Cowell” was a remarkable showcase of talent, resilience, and inspiration, featuring the incredible work of Tim Murdoch, known professionally as TJ James. The hour-long show captivated listeners with TJ James’s powerful music and compelling life story, illustrating how one man’s determination and passion for music


Connor Wink Shines on “Amplify with Laura Cowell”

As I embarked on my second show of “Amplify with Laura Cowell” on the 20th of June 2024, I had the distinct pleasure of featuring the incredible Connor Wink. For those who missed it, you can catch the replay here. This episode was a celebration of Connor’s remarkable journey and his profound impact on the


Embracing the Unexpected and Finding Blessings

Living with a genetic rare disease is an ongoing journey of challenges, resilience, and unexpected turns. My own experience with Fibrous Dysplasia McCune-Albright Syndrome (FD/MAS) has been proof to the unpredictability and complexity that come with such conditions. It’s a path marked by constant care, unexpected surgeries, and enduring pain, yet it’s also a journey

Council Speeches

Council Meeting 17/06/2024

Speech for Council Meeting – Proactive Tree Maintenance on Sports Fields. Presented by Councillor Laura Cowell I want to address an ongoing challenge that significantly impacts our sporting community: Proactive Tree Maintenance on Sports Fields. This problem has become a critical concern, and it is essential that we, as a Council, take proactive steps to


Lara Nakhle’s music Featured on “Amplify with Laura Cowell”

Who is Lara Nahkle The incredibly talented Lara Nakhle featured on the inaugural episode of “Amplify with Laura Cowell on Thursday 13/06/2024.” This exciting new radio show is dedicated to showcasing music from individuals labeled with a disability, highlighting their unique talents and stories. Lara Nakhle, a rising star with an impressive musical journey, was

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