Connor Wink Shines on “Amplify with Laura Cowell”

As I embarked on my second show of “Amplify with Laura Cowell” on the 20th of June 2024, I had the distinct pleasure of featuring the incredible Connor Wink. For those who missed it, you can catch the replay here. This episode was a celebration of Connor’s remarkable journey and his profound impact on the music world.

Connor Wink’s story is one of extraordinary talent and unyielding determination. From the tender age of two, Connor displayed a natural affinity for music, playing songs on a toy piano by ear. Despite being visually impaired, his early start was a clear indicator of the musical brilliance that was to come.

By nine, Connor had begun formal singing lessons, later expanding his instrumental prowess to include the guitar and ukulele. His dedication and passion for music saw him captivating audiences on larger stages, including a memorable performance on “The Voice Australia.” His rendition of Cher’s “Believe” not only turned all four chairs but also captivated millions of viewers, showcasing his powerful and unique voice.

Connor draws inspiration from legendary artists like the Bee Gees and Cher, with whom he has had the privilege of meeting and performing. His musical journey has been enriched by collaborations with other notable artists, including Rick Price and Marcia Hines, further cementing his status in the music industry.

A Night to Remember on Amplify During the show, we journeyed through Connor’s diverse musical repertoire. We began with “A Safe Place to Land,” featuring Lara Nakhle, followed by the heartfelt “Perfect.” Connor’s ability to convey deep emotions through his music was evident in tracks like “Fascinating World” and “Alive,” while “Father Bob” highlighted his storytelling prowess.

Connor’s contributions to music and his community have been widely recognised. He has received accolades such as the Golden Pineapple Award for social inclusion and has been a finalist in the Lake Mac Awards. His career is a testament to resilience and dedication, serving as an inspiration to many within the disability community and beyond.

In addition to celebrating Connor’s music, I am excited to announce that our next episode will feature the talented Tim Murdoch, known as TJ James. We will dive into TJ James’s musical journey and explore the stories behind his songs, promising another inspiring episode on “Amplify with Laura Cowell.”

Catch the Replay For those who missed this inspiring episode, you can catch the replay on the the radio stations website.Tune in to experience the remarkable journey of Connor Wink and be inspired by his music and story.

Stay tuned for more incredible stories and music that inspire hope and action every day.

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