Embracing Authenticity in the age of Digital Marketing and Branding – My Journey

In today’s world of digital marketing and branding, authenticity is key to standing out and connecting with your audience. As someone who wears many hats, I recently embarked on a journey to refine my online presence, aiming to reflect my diverse roles with clarity and authenticity. Here’s a look into how I embraced my authentic self throughout this process.

I hold several roles: CEO of a disability organisation, President of the Sutherland Shire Football Association, Councillor, Director of various NFPs, community leader, speaker and host of “Amplify with Laura Cowell.” With such a diverse portfolio, presenting a cohesive and genuine online presence was both essential and challenging.

To navigate this complex task, I engaged Jeanne Zweck from Mint Marketing to help streamline my personal digital strategy. Understanding the importance of visual storytelling, I also invited Sophie Brown from Sophie B Photography into my home for a photo session. This step was crucial in capturing the essence of who I am across my various roles.

I believe that photographs can tell a powerful story. During the photo session, many images resonated with me, capturing my authenticity. However, one photograph stood out as my favorite—a candid shot where I am listening intently. This image speaks volumes about my most valued skill: the ability to listen. This photo is the image you see as the cover to this article.

In all my roles, whether leading an organisation, participating in community events, or hosting my radio show, I cannot empathise enough the importance of listening. It is through listening that I connect with people, understand their needs, and drive meaningful change. The photograph where I am deeply engaged in listening symbolises this core aspect of my character and leadership style.

With the help of Mint Marketing and Sophie B Photography, I have successfully crafted an online presence that truly reflects my authentic self. My digital platforms now showcase my diverse roles while maintaining a coherent narrative that highlights my dedication, leadership, and kindness.

In a world where digital marketing and branding can often feel superficial, my journey shows the importance of authenticity. By staying true to myself and focusing on my strengths, I have created an online presence that I hope resonates with my audience and accurately represents who I am. My experience is as a valuable lesson for anyone looking to navigate the digital landscape without losing sight of their true self. 

Thank you, Jeanne & Sophie, for your amazing work. 

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